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2023 Book Review: Th1rt3en

by Steve Cavanaugh

A Mystery/Thriller, 2018 by Orion, 356 Pages 

What I Didn’t Like:

  • It’s pretty far-fetched in terms of what’s plausible. Suspend disbelief and you may enjoy it more.
  • There are a few jumps in the timeline because of the dual POV that are confusing. Nothing overly problematic but worth mentioning.
  • There are a few plot holes that are never addressed. None of them concern anything huge, but a picky reader will definitely notice them. 
  • A quick note (doesn’t affect my rating): this is technically the 4th in the series but you don’t have to read them all in order. The only connection is the lawyer and enough background is given for the book to make complete sense. I, for example, have never read another one. 

What I Did Like:

  • This is a dark, dangerous, and morally corrupt villain. That’s always fun. 
  • Engaging courtroom scenes. I can’t speak to their accuracy, as I’m not involved in law at all, but they’re captivating.
  • Good characters. They’re a little overdramatic, perhaps, but they’re decent. I could easily see following a few of them for multiple books without getting annoyed.

Who Should Read This One:

  • Fans of shows like Law and Order will like the dramatic case and the cast of characters.

My Rating: 3 Stars

  • Enjoyable courtroom thriller if you’re capable of suspending disbelief.

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