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How much are the Surprise Reads boxes?

-Regular price is $40 including 2-4 books recommended especially for you based on your survey, shipping, and taxes. There are discounts for repeat customers with our best price for those who order a box per month. 

How long does a Surprise Reads box take to arrive?

-After you complete the survey, you’ll be sent an invoice. Once the invoice is paid your box will be packed and shipped. The entire process typically takes about 1-3 weeks from the moment your payment is received to the moment your box arrives. 

How often can I order a Surprise Reads box?

-As often as you want! We will reach out to you about four weeks after your box has shipped to see if you’d like another one. If you decide to order another, you’ll score a coupon to save a little money on the second box. Third boxes (and beyond) are our BEST PRICE. 

What if I’ve already read a book that shows up in my Surprise Reads box?

-Sorry! We obviously try our best to curate the recommendations with more niche books or books you may have missed to avoid this but accidents happen. Sometimes it seems like fate and customers take this opportunity to reread a title. Obviously, if you’d prefer not to do that we understand. Reach out to our team at and let us know. We’ll give you the options and you can pick what works best for you!

I hated the book that came in my Surprise Reads box. What can I do?

-We’re sorry to hear that! Our goal with a box like this is to give you something you’ll LOVE. Reach out to us via email at and let us know what you didn’t like about the book so this doesn’t happen again! While we can’t take back a book that you hated, we will make a note of any content warnings or issues with the title for future reference. Plus, sometimes we can curate a better list of recommendations now that we know more about your preferences if you chose to try another box. 

I’m an indie author and I’d love to have my book included in one of your Surprise Reads boxes, how does that work?

-Surprise Reads boxes include books we have read and reviewed so your best bet is to submit a review request.

How long does it take to get a book review?

-This varies greatly depending on the number of requests we receive but we pride ourselves on our communication. We WILL reach out to you WITH A TIMELINE within 4 weeks of receiving your request.