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2023 Book Review: Gearteeth

by Timothy Black

A Fantasy, 2012 by Dreamsphere, 411 Pages 

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Weird formatting, which won’t affect my rating but did affect the readability. The chapter breaks don’t register in a Kindle and there’s no table of contents to use to judge chapter length. Also, there was a break in the middle of every chapter that left a ton of white space randomly on a page. 
  • Pacing is off. Things that should be important are rushed, giving it a strange limping quality. 
  • The names of things don’t help to know what it is. You can assume, based on how it’s used, but as these are things our world doesn’t have it can be strange to not know for sure.

What I Did Like:

  • Jump right into the action. The author doesn’t take time to set up the world for you, just immerses you in it. 
  • The idea is great! To escape werewolves, humanity has built up into the sky. Now the people live in dangerous towers. Very cool set up. 
  • The werewolves are well written. That’s a strange thing to say in this particular book where there are things about them that are different than you’d expect, but it does work. 

Who Should Read This One:

  • Werewolf fans who want something a little different. 
  • Steampunk fans. 

My Rating: 3 Stars

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