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2023 Book Review: Cynosura 99

by Sam Weiss

A Fantasy, 2023 by Wise Cat Press, 300 Pages 

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Some of the plot points feel jumbled and confusing in the beginning. I know it’s supposed to be that way, to help you relate to how jumbled and confused the characters feel, but it can be hard to follow. I will say it does all come together nicely as the story progresses.
  • It’s a little thing but the evil stepmother angle has been played before. I would’ve preferred something less cliche. 

What I Did Like:

  • LOVE the opening. You’re immediately connected to Atra, you’re instantly on her side, and that feeling of being trapped and terrified comes quickly (which is good for a scary book). It perfectly drops you into the right mood for this story. 
  • Twists and turns that would work in any mystery book. You don’t know everything, although you want to. You get that tingly feeling when you learn something new, and you totally want to keep reading.
  • There are shades of things you’ve heard/read about before but they’re brought together in a totally unique way and centered around a character who holds it all together in a perfect way, making this a unique story! 

Who Should Read This One:

  • Dark fantasy fans, you’ll love the idea of portals and other worlds played around within this one.
  • Horror fans, despite this not being where you’d normally go, you’ll love this one! It’s terrifying, multilayered, and doesn’t pull punches on the gore. 

My Rating: 5 Stars

  • Well written and captivating

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