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2023 book review: tempted by love

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BY Melissa Foster

Romance, September 2020 by World Literary Press, 325 Pages 

What I Didn’t Like:

  • So many characters I got confused and couldn’t focus on who was with what family. You have both main characters’ families and then 2 additional large families, all the characters were introduced and talked about and it made it difficult to keep track of who belonged where. 
  • The relationship Archer and Jock had in the beginning. It felt like someone in their large family would have intervened given that it is explained how close this family it (or was). It was frustrating and I feel like someone would have pointed that out. 

What I Did Like:

  • I liked that Jock and Daphne had known each other for a while and that we understood early on that they had been acquaintances but they both had their reasons for not pursuing. It helped set up a decent timeline for their story and didnt feel like a typical everything works out at first sight romance. Nice that they worked for it.
  • Trauma is difficult to get right on the page sometimes, and it can go very wrong. In this case It was handled so well and written with passion and understanding.  Jock’s trauma was written well, him and Daphne working through it was paced well with the story. We got to see every milestone and understand how big it was and that was truly heartwarming 

Who Should Read This One: 

  • Romance Readers. This is a solid romance through and through. There is a sweet storyline but this focuses entirely on their relationship. It was heartfelt and small-town vibes were on point. 

My Rating: 3 stars 

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