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2023 Book Review: Wildfire

by Elizabeth van Holland

YA Fantasy, Independently Published in 2018, 347 Pages 

What I Didn’t Like:

  • The dialogue tags are bit much. I don’t care whether they’re descriptive or whether the author uses “said” but when most tags have actions built into them it’s a bit much. 
  • If you’re the kind of reader who forgets little details, read this and its predecessor back-to-back. There’s not a lot of time spent on catching you back up on what happened. (This isn’t really a negative for me, just a note). 
  • Some grammatical errors. Usually the wrong word used or a typographical error that is easy for the reader to figure out. Still, if you’re a stickler for errors, you’ll notice. In fact, if you’re not a stickler for errors there’s enough that you’ll still notice. 
  • There are moments in this book when you’re caught up on an action that happened AFTER it happened. It would make the book much more action focused if you were IN the action. As it is, it’s a very dry book because you’re always hearing about things that happened after the fact. 

What I Did Like:

  • Still love the cast. I remembered them being a blend of actual family and found family and I do love that. They’re all solid characters with big personalities. 
  • The worlds are built and maintained in this series. You have no trouble believing the places in this book could be real and appreciating your time visiting them. 

Who Should Read This One:

  • Fans of fantasy series with reluctant chosen ones who aren’t overly picky about grammatical errors and like slow burn young adult romance. 

My Rating: 2 stars

  • For me, the action was a bit slow this time around. That, in itself, is problematic.

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